Community Regeneration – encouraging dreams

(The boat featured in the photo is one of the “ripples” as it was built in a neigbouring village by youth under the guidance of another man who had a dream to build an historical boat as a means to impart boat building skills to youth.) Change  is not a new phenomenon as every generation […]

Alex’s dream/Sinclair’s vision

(This is Alex and the boat of his dreams.  It was built by Alex and a group of volunteers in Portsoy, Scotland as one of their inputs into the Scottish Traditional Boat Festival.) Within the hearts of people everywhere lie the dreams, often dormant, that cause real development to happen.  While there to discover  few […]

Development and Culture – an inextricable link

The integration of econ­omies, shifts in manufacturing bases, communications develop­ments and technological developments are having impacts, causing stress and re-evaluation of institutions, programs and methodol­ogies.  These economic thrusts are shaping political agendas as well.  The apparent inability of national governments to control either economic levers, interest rates or currency patterns exemplifies and heightens these shifts. […]

Reflection on the Westray Mining Disaster

(This was a piece written after the tragic collapse of the coal mine in Westray, Nova Scotia, Canada on May 8th, 1992 which killed 26 miners) The tragic loss of the failed human venture in Plymouth, Nova Scotia is just being realized and the rationalization of why it ever happened is about to begin. Conventional […]