Seeking community – its fundamentals

(Picture: These children deserve a warm and loving community and a world of wonder in which to grow and flourish like those in most developed countries) I have been invited to participate in projects around community development, learning activities around world transitions, and discussions of all sorts about the dilemmas faced globally. I find in […]

Life on the edge

We hate not fitting in more than anything else, and yet, we’ll never be all the same. Aldous Huxley, Brave new World) (The newest member of my Gambian family with his big brother) It has been one year and one month that the latest plague in the world COVID 19 paid me a visit and […]

A new beginning

The challenge we now face is to realize that we must be open to ourselves and each other about the need for a new destiny

Humanity at the crossroads

The solutions to what ails Humanity doesn't exist in talk.... it will require imperative and significant actions related to human beliefs, behaviours and actvities.

Finally -perhaps a glimmer

A new beacon and a new standard to light the way into the future.

Love and its Magic

I have been lax in my writing since I came to The Gambia and have begun to think it is time to get back to it. I normally write when the muse visits and compels me. It begins with an idea, a thought or a title, which I let gestate in my head and my […]

Building the Foundations of Community

Introduction Society has clearly come to a crossroads, especially so in developed countries.  It is rapidly becoming evident that all growth has its limits.  The very foundations of developed society and the world’s ecology have been shaken in order to expand production, consumption and fiscal wealth.  The imperative for new theories, models and processes of […]

Community Transformation – preparing the foundations

Introduction Community transformation has been an ongoing process since humans began forming into groupings for support, security and comfort.  Throughout history these community transformations, resulting from dramatic changes brought on by natural disasters, famines, strife and economic shifts, have often been exceedingly difficult and swift (i.e. the recent Tsunami, the flooding of New Orleans, the […]

The Complexity of Engaging Communities

Introduction: For over 20 years I have pursued community, economic and sustainable development in peripheral regional communities in Atlantic Canada, North Eastern Scotland and most recently in Quebec, a province of Canada.  Each of these regions has gone through some crisis or challenge or has been languishing in the wake of such events.  A multitude […]