An Awakening – Ukraine under seige

I began to write an article about the need for the people in the world to discuss what it means to be human as apparently many seem to have forgotten, especially those in “developed” countries. We witness many leading protests advocating freedoms, but ignoring responsibility, while at the same time, their protests impede the freedom […]

A new beginning

The challenge we now face is to realize that we must be open to ourselves and each other about the need for a new destiny

A time for reflection

Turning 70 in April has been a cause for assessment, reflection and wonder – where did the years go? Life for me these past 40 years has been a wander, some might suggest that I have been lost, and at times I have been, but we all get lost at some time in our lives. […]

In search of stability

It is that time of year again when it’s time to take stock, reflect on the year that we are leaving behind and the New Year about to unfold. It has been a tumultuous year in the world and for myself a year of transition and change and learning with a move to Gambia. It […]

Glimpses of My Early Work in Quebec

(Picture-with Professor Chris Bryant and REDOs) I moved to Quebec from Scotland, where I was living at the time, to help develop province wide Community Economic Development and Employment Committees (CEDEC).  There was a Community Table representing the CEDECs and a Government Table representing the Federal Government of Canada. 

A Few of Many Fond Ukrainian Memories

(Picture-in a Ukrainian Hot Tub with friends Ruslan and Roman) During my four years in Ukraine there were many serious moments, much work, but also many warm and happy moments.  In this post I would like to share a few of those warm, some funny moments that will remain with me for ever.  

Election Observing

(Picture-with Election Partner Lorena) My work in Ukraine has led to  opportunities to participate in election observation missions in that country.  The first picture is with my observation partner Lorena Fernandez Alvarez who lives in Spain.  This was during the 2014 Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) Presidential election mission. 

Working and living in The Gambia

(Picture-with some of my Gambian Family) It has my good fortune to have spent time in The Gambia, first in 2011 when I spent the year there as a United Nations Volunteer working with the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs developing a National Economic Plan called the Program for Accelerated Growth and Employment (The […]

Leaving a workshop in The Gambia

This was at the end of a lengthy day at a workshop on Strategic Planning session dealing with priorities for the PAGE – the national plan that I assisted the government with called the PAGE.