Change is never easy

(Picture drawn by Tetyana Kudina, Ukraine) A lot has happened in the world since I left Newfoundland and Labrador in mid-December. This is all part of the shifts and change sweeping the world, challenging beliefs and institutional foundations. 

The lure of the past

Two decades ago the world stood in awe at the dissolution of the Soviet system and the collapse of the Berlin Wall, a symbol of Soviet repression of people. Once the first block was removed, the wall was taken down very quickly block by block by people disillusioned by a system built on fear and […]

Imbalance, even in tragedy

In all aspects of modern society imbalance appears to be the norm in a world where visibility and sensationalism are the attraction, yet attention span and memory have a very short timeline. In a rush to diminish or discard many of the inequities built into creating one of the most progressive eras in human history […]

A government out of touch

In crafting its disastrous budget targeted at the poor and lower middle class, the members of the Newfoundland and Labrador Government appear to be oblivious about what is happening in the world around them and unaware, even after a lengthy consultation process, of the true state of their own province. This province has an aging […]

A societal disconnect

There has been much focus on the wide gap between the rich and the poor, with very good reason. But that in itself is only symptomatic of a greater malaise evident in the developed countries of the world.

Rebalancing society

In January, high in the Swiss Alps in the town of Davos, a meeting was held to discuss the state of the world. Attending were the elites of business, governments, academia and civil society, along with various high-profile celebrities. The people, most at risk in the world were not invited, nor could they afford the […]

A world of love

(Picture – Reopening rebuilt Kindergarten (pre-school) in Ukraine) The former President of Malawi, in an interview at an International Development Forum, described leadership as a love affair between the leader and the people. Some suggest that even for her this was a bit of a stretch. This philosophy could be the foundation for a “brave […]

The radicalization of Canadians

(Picture – Children from Tendaba, The Gambia) Radicalization has been much the topic in the media, on the Internet and in political commentary of all sorts. Most of this is discourse is focused on Muslims and their radicalization by extremists. What is missed is the messaging being used by fanatical politicos from all spectrums, aimed […]

Earthquakes and aftershocks

(Cartoon by Tina Michaud) The tectonic plates of the world continue to move and shift disrupting and ending the lives of many through the earthquakes that this process causes. A parallel is the human and societal shifts taking place, as people are impacted by the detrimental policies being imposed by governments of all persuasions across […]