Gambian Women Farmers

Gambian Women Farmers and Solar Irrigation

(Picture-women farmers clearing brush) One of the companies that I am advising in my current assignment in The Gambia is GAM-Solar Energy and Engineering Ltd. has just completed a large project creating 20 community gardens complete with Solar Powered Irrigation.  10 of these gardens have small processing facilities which eventually will be powered by solar energy as well. The gardens without a […]

More People and Faces of my time in Quebec

(Picture-with CT and GT Staff) During my five years working in Quebec with the National Committee for the English Linguistic Minority of Quebec  it was good fortune to work with many people from the communities, towns and cities of that province as well as representatives of the Canadian Government.  This was a unique Federal and […]

People and faces of my time in Quebec

(Picture – Conducting a workshop on the use of mapping in development) I spent five years working in Quebec where I assisting in setting up eleven Community Economic Development and Employability Committees across the province.  These are some of the pictures of people with whom I worked – there are many more which will be […]

More People and Faces of Ukraine

(Picture-with Natalia, Nataly and Matvey at train station) Here are a few more of the people whom I met during my time in Ukraine.  Over my four years there I met and was befriended by so many that it humbled me. One of my friends said to me upon my departure “we are a different […]

People and Faces of Ukraine

(Picture-with my Perechyn CED Group) It has been my good fortune to have spent four delightful years in Ukraine and travel back many times since returning to Canada.  You will find many articles within my website that will give you glimpses of life in Ukraine. The people and the place is one of the most […]

People and faces of my working visit to India

(Picture-a visit to a local village) Meeting people and making new friends has been one the treasures of my work and my travels.  One such friend, Sam Chelladurai, whom I met at a conference in India, invited me to his home in Bangalore as a means to exchange experiences in community and development.  There I […]

Germany and Italy – 2009

(Picture – with Vera and Ingo and girls and Tom and Lisia) Before I returned to Canada from Ukraine I took an opportunity to visit friends in Italy and Germany. My friend Christine Filion, whom I met and worked with in Quebec now makes her home in Italy.  I spent a number of days with […]

A little glimpse of Ukraine

(Picture – A Ukrainian kindergarten class) My travels took me to Ukraine in 2005 with a one year volunteer position in a Community Economic Development  project.  My stay lasted four years and I have been back many times since. These few photos give you a glimpse of my life there.  There are many more photos […]
Checking out the snakes

Around Home and A Planning Retreat at Kartung, Gambia

(Picture – Checking out the snakes at a snake farm near Kartung) This album will give a little flavour of the area and people around my apartment.  It was the rainy season. It also captures some of the activities of a one week planning retreat that we hosted as we began the process of writing […]