In search of stability

It is that time of year again when it’s time to take stock, reflect on the year that we are leaving behind and the New Year about to unfold. It has been a tumultuous year in the world and for myself a year of transition and change and learning with a move to Gambia. It […]

Gambia Return 2017

(Photo: Reunion with the children from the neighbourhood where I lived in 2013-4) A journey begins with the first step, I am not sure how many more steps would be included in the 19,000 plus kilometers it took me to get to the Gambia, but I imagine a few. There were a few diversions.

Change is never easy

(Picture drawn by Tetyana Kudina, Ukraine) A lot has happened in the world since I left Newfoundland and Labrador in mid-December. This is all part of the shifts and change sweeping the world, challenging beliefs and institutional foundations. 

A world in freefall

(Picture: Precious children everywhere – Nyima sitting behind her friend Bobbie in The Gambia) It has been over twenty years that I have been producing this Christmas newsletter and sharing my thoughts on the world and the ups and downs of my own life from many different vantage points and locations. What is evident, as […]

The lure of the past

Two decades ago the world stood in awe at the dissolution of the Soviet system and the collapse of the Berlin Wall, a symbol of Soviet repression of people. Once the first block was removed, the wall was taken down very quickly block by block by people disillusioned by a system built on fear and […]

World without boundaries

“Globalization and the global community are words used to address a phenomenon causing the breakdown of geographical boundaries among the nation states of the world………. 

Beyond faith, belief

One of the misconceptions of many has been that all you need is faith to get by in the world; faith in a god, churches, governments, institutions, etc. They will provide. But all faith is based on belief in a “truth” that can be understood.

Life and value – a personal view

It is amazing how people put so much emphasis on their monetary material wealth to amplify their importance, as if it meant something. In the scheme of life does it really matter how much you have? It appears in today’s world that is all that matters. Whether one works hard, studies hard and is diligent […]

A year on the edge

(Picture – Gambian Children) As this year slowly edges towards its end, the starkness of how far the world has shifted from a centre of balance is unnerving. The world appears to be teetering on the brink (“the limit or point beyond which something begins to happen”).