Cut Adrift – Changing our fate

We continually hear about the ways and means that Newfoundland an Labrador is ill treated by the feds, other provinces, of our lack of ability to get just rewards for our resources, the lack of concern for our near dead fishery and about each new tactic that will curtail development of our vast hydro potential.  […]

Lost in Time-looking back

(The picture is the house referred to in this article. I purchased it in 1979 as a summer house.   I started a new house in 2010 – this one will be relocated by someone else and utilized as a  B&B) Much of my time over the past few months has been spent living in […]

Bonne Bay fishery – deja vu

It appears from what you read, hear and see that humanity is on a path of self destruction intent on destroying the very environment that allows life to sustain itself.  This was most evident these past few weeks in BonneBay. Most nights presented a light spectacle that would rival the glow of some of the […]

Pasadena Venture Centre

I have just returned to Corner Brook having spent the past four years in Eastern Europe and the sale of the Venture Centre obviously is of interest to me, having been one of its founders.  Although I have been away, I would like to contribute a few thoughts to what appears to be a very […]