More People and Faces of Ukraine

(Picture-with Natalia, Nataly and Matvey at train station)

Here are a few more of the people whom I met during my time in Ukraine.  Over my four years there I met and was befriended by so many that it humbled me.

One of my friends said to me upon my departure “we are a different but very loving people”. To me there are no truer words that have been spoken.

To share these few photos can only give a glimpse of the people, the friendships, the warmth and the stories that I carry within my soul.  A treasure beyond value and a gift that has been most special in my life.  My life has been filled with the gift of people, the warmth of friendship and the love of so many shared unequivocally. 

“Here are a few more of the people who were my associates and friends during my time in Ukraine”

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