What’s in a Book

(This was a short presentation that I made at the launch of  The Book of Perechyn, Ukraine a tourist publication created and published by the local CED Core Group)

The strength of a book is not found in the words, pictures or even symbols that it contains.  The strength and influence of a book is contained in the passion with which it was written and how this passion is translated to those who read it. 

This Book of Perechyn was conceived in passion, born in commitment and written from the hearts of all those who helped to compile it.  This book is full of pictures, stories and history but it contains, as well, the hard work and commitment of, not only the local Core group who were its main proponents, but many other people from the community.

The year it took to compile and produce this book was a very busy for all who were involved.  There were many challenges, struggles and tensions and many obstacles that were overcome – many of them personal- for this is a very personal book.

As has been stated this book is full of stories, pictures and history but, it is a book which is full of love, as you will see in the words and the many pictures – love of people, love of environment, love of community and love of history and culture.  This is a history and culture which has evolved over the hundreds of years that the town of Perechyn has been in its development.

This book was written to celebrate Perechyn’s history, culture and achievements but it was also written as an inspiration for all who live there to start afresh and create a new history, for a new generation, in a different world and a different setting.  This book was meant to influence a new beginning.

Presentation by Bill Pardy

December 15th, 2006

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