World without boundaries

“Globalization and the global community are words used to address a phenomenon causing the breakdown of geographical boundaries among the nation states of the world………. 

As the world becomes borderless, ultimately everything we do will become borderless. Physical and geographic boundaries are becoming less important as people align more around issues than physical or geographic dimensions.  Thus, conventional approaches to association and organization are redundant and will have to be rethought, redeveloped and restructured.

We are reaching a stage in human societal development where a new order is evolving…….. (from an article ‘People without Boundaries’ by William (Bill) Pardy published in 1995)” 

Who would have thought twenty years ago that there would be such disarray in the world after several previous decades of apparent progress and advancement throughout so much of it? It would have appeared the transition to a truly better world would have been effortless. Considering the terrible dysfunction that we see instead, it is difficult not to be cynical and write off both the world and humanity.

It would appear that half the world has been on a quest for democracy, at their peril from dictatorial governments, while many of those that live in democracies seem ready to abandon their mode of government for autocratic rule.

One has to ponder what flaw exists in the human psyche that leads us to destroy any semblance of comfort that we have collectively created, wage war among ourselves and with others and be willing to support those who will oppress and take away our freedom.

One can postulate that it comes down to power, or the perceived lack of it, as new and different people appear in our communities and countries and a younger brighter generation is about to take control.

Those whom have had power at any level are loathe to relinquish it, even if it means over time a better life for everyone. Humans, for the most part, are intransigent to change and find it threatening.

Change must come; the challenge is to maintain enough of the old that is sensible and accept as much of what is new to ensure balance in society.

Advancements in technology of all sorts have created the means to travel, communicate and share as never before in human history. The movement of information, goods and people has never been as easy, for many at least, opening new vistas and shifting the patterns of economies, migration and social norms.

Unfortunately, it appears that we are swamped with an overabundance of information, but perhaps lack the comprehension of knowledge which conveys the wisdom life requires.

It is apparent that a world without physical, intellectual or social boundaries has opened a Pandora’s Box of humanity without limits. Little effort has gone into the human constructs required to build the bridges of engagement and the foundations of organization required to maintain balance in a dramatically changing world. Intellectual, moral and spiritual organizations and institutions have been made redundant with the changes that are impacting our societies. Everything seems to be “up for grabs”.

Once more the world faces competition between brute force and ignorance and those who embrace the concepts of human compassion, care and sharing. Twice in the last century such forces had to be contained at enormous human, social and economic costs to ensure a stable and somewhat peaceful world. This time where will the leaders come from to bring humanity back to its senses, when there appears few willing to take up this challenge?

The only hope is in the next generation (known by some as the millennials).  This generation is considered the most educated in human history and most of them appear open, compassionate and caring.

They will need help and support as they reflect on how other younger generations transitioned in other eras and often times brought sanity back to a humanity out of touch and out of control. Institutions need reinventing, new social orders are required and new forms of engagement and participation are necessary to re-establish order in this much changed world today.

Most importantly, this generation will need courage to take on an older generation, many of whom cling to outmoded beliefs, outdated concepts and a sense of entitlement that is no longer beneficial to humanity.

There are a few glimmers of hope that this type of leadership is emerging in the world, which is encouraging. It is a small flickering light in a world engulfed by darkness and despair.

This up and coming generation has the knowledge and many skills, but perhaps a lack experience in dealing with those who would control. What they need most is the encouragement to get involved and to use their influence to move the world forward and not to shrink from those too old and bitter to ever be in control.

There will never be a perfect world of uniformity, nor should there be. We can only hope for a more caring compassionate world where there is respect for all of humanity and where everyone has opportunity to live their lives without fear of oppression, war or hunger.

Written by Bill Pardy,

October 8th, 2016

One thought on “World without boundaries

  1. Bill, Thank you; I always enjoy your topics. They are golden!
    Your human-kindness is seen in the children’s faces. If love has a face…you are in the right place.
    Keep well, and keep us focused, as it surely is a time of great concern. Sending hugs your way!

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