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It is intended to be a forum to communicate, share and engage with others the lessons learned from people in many countries of the world. It is my way of paying tribute to the teachers and mentors from all walks of life who shared so openly their ideas, knowledge and beliefs. Hopefully we can generate a dialogue on the importance of community in our lives; no matter where or how we live.

William Pardy
Gambia - A new AdventureLessons Learned from Working in Rural and Peripheral CommunitiesSelf Sufficiency - the big lieOf real concernLeaving a workshop in The Gambia
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William Pardy

Change is never easy

(Picture drawn by Tetyana Kudina, Ukraine) A lot has happened in the world since I left Newfoundland and Labrador in…

William Pardy

A world in freefall

(Picture: Precious children everywhere – Nyima sitting behind her friend Bobbie in The Gambia) It has been over twenty years…

William Pardy

The lure of the past

Two decades ago the world stood in awe at the dissolution of the Soviet system and the collapse of the…