A year in transition

(These are some of the children, young adults who we have in school in Gambia) This year bears witness to a world in transition, turmoil and war which encompasses generational, ideological and potential governance changes vested in autocracy, unlike any time before in modern history. We have entered a world of twilight perhaps leading to […]

Two wars differt rules

The first started almost two years ago when Russia attacked Ukraine with a threat to destroy the country and annihilate the entire population. The destruction of infrastructure, loss of lives and inhumanity inflicted on the people is unfathomable. Fortunately, the country took up arms and responded to the attack – but were coerced to stay […]

The tangled web of life

An introduction The recent crisis in Israel and Palestine hits at the heart of a recent article that I have been writing these past few weeks for publication. The magical web of technology, media and social media is at the heart of the planning of this conflict as well the invasion of Ukraine by Russia. […]

The breaking of a new dawn

After a recent trip into space William Shatner described his experience and feelings: …. but when I looked in the opposite direction (of earth) into space there was no mystery, no majestic awe to behold…all I saw was death. I saw a cold, dark, emptiness. It was unlike any blackness you can see or feel […]

Challenge of Change – an era ends

(Even children in a very poor country want to help and know how.) I began to write this article about transitions but after some work realized that I was writing about the end of an era, which is different in that it involves many transitions plus the introduction of several new generations of people. The […]

Seeking community – its fundamentals

(Picture: These children deserve a warm and loving community and a world of wonder in which to grow and flourish like those in most developed countries) I have been invited to participate in projects around community development, learning activities around world transitions, and discussions of all sorts about the dilemmas faced globally. I find in […]

Life on the edge

We hate not fitting in more than anything else, and yet, we’ll never be all the same. Aldous Huxley, Brave new World) (The newest member of my Gambian family with his big brother) It has been one year and one month that the latest plague in the world COVID 19 paid me a visit and […]
Nyima and Ebou at New Year

A new years wish

Happy New Year to my family and all my friends wherever they may be. The beginning of a new year should not be reflecting on where we are, because we still have a ways to go, as human beings, individuals, and people collectively to make the world a better place. First we have to look […]

What a wonderful world

What a wonderful world. Years ago, people complained about barriers – to travel, communications (older people remember telegrams) and all kids of other constraints for visiting and communicating. They yearned to be able to understand other cultures, customs, and lifestyles. We now live in a world where most constraints are non-existent. We can travel, communicate, […]