A visit to Georgetown (Jangjangbureh, Gambia)

(Picture – visiting a local family in Janjanburueh)

I decided to explore a little further and by bus and ferry made my way to Jangjanbureh (Georgetown) which lies near the centre of Gambia, on the river Gambia.  It has historical significance during the era of slave trading.  It was an adventure getting there by myself but I arrived safely and on time and was met by Banna Kongira who arrived across the river in his small boat to fetch me from the bus.  He has a small hotel there of 3-4 rooms and hosted me very well.

I met many local people and managed to tour the area with Banna.  This album of photos will give you a glimpse of this particular journey.


From Gambia 4 Georgetown. Posted by William Pardy on 5/01/2011 (53 items)

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