Despair – a way out

(Picture: If people really cared about the other people of the world, perhaps little Jackie (in pink) would be alive, instead people fight and protest in many countries about COVID-19 restrictions, while over 850,000 people have died, many  like this little one.)

Dreams – an imperative

It is in the silence that life is conceived

It is in the quiet that the heart is discovered

It is in the whispers that dreams are stirred

It is in the dreams that inspiration is born

It is in the heart that hope is developed

It is in the belief that faith is secured

Inspiration, hope, and faith are dimensions of the spirit. 

It is the spirit that challenges the mind the most.

Yesterday when I awoke, I had this feeling of aloneness that reaches deep into one’s soul, and transcends having people around, friends who care about you and connections in many countries who have kept in touch for years.

The depth of this aloneness made it seem that even life itself had abandoned me as all the stresses and issues that surround me, and in the world, came to the fore. Once again, I was lost in space and afloat in a sea of air and an emptiness so vast that it was incomprehensible.

Another wave of darkness descended upon me, which has happened so many times before when the weight of life itself becomes too heavy to bear.

This is a topic which I have written about many times over the years and decided to look for inspiration in my own words, which I recognize come from deep inside me, even beyond my own soul itself. This is a compilation of thoughts from previous essays to remind myself that trials and tribulations, even disasters will dissipate over time, leaving lessons for the next time and for others to share.

In my last article, not for the first time, I wrote about the interconnectivity of humanity and our need to reconnect, first with ourselves and then with each other. This has been the way humanity has overcome in previous eras when plagues, wars, and disasters threatened life itself.

My life’s journey has been much too serious, yet it appears that it is only at the arrival at the depths of despair that I step back, reflect, and contemplate the circumstances which are influencing me.  Reaching out to friends and family and others is the way that I pull myself out of the fog and darkness that sometimes overwhelms and helps put into context the relativity of my anxiety.

I realize that laughter, for me, is the most difficult thing to accomplish at any time, but especially at such times when the weight of concern occupies so much of my thoughts.  I have known for years that deep within my soul is all the frolic and laughter which most others express so freely. I wrote a long time ago that maybe, when I have displaced all my seriousness, I will discover and release this levity.

It appears that the whole world has become infected with this impediment of serious thoughts leaving no room for fun and laughter, which is perhaps, a much greater tragedy than the pandemic itself.

The world needs this antidote of people reaching out and coming together to rationalize their plight in order begin to take the actions needed to overcome the many disasters affecting humanity.

If only, we could only laugh at the folly of those leaders who are trying to hide and control what is happening. More importantly, realize the stupidity of some who are dismissing what has been learned in previous eras to impede those experts most able to wrest this monster to the ground.

Instead, we are wasting so much energy and so many lives fighting among ourselves about which leader is right or wrong, instead of looking deep within our hearts and recognizing that there is no greater gift in life than life itself. Ever so sadly it is our grandchildren who will ultimately pay the real price for our passivity, neglect, and lack of courage.  I do wonder, will we as humans ever learn? 

It is tragic enough that lives are lost to this pandemic but having more wasted by leaders promoting ideological nonsense and perverted policies and directions is unconscionable. In history, we should have learned one thing: that the people who promote these ideologies have no concern for any human being, not even those who support them.

As I reflect beyond my reading, and scan the world, I realize that it is perhaps just a human trait.  It takes the realization that those who control the levers of power will have their way before people rise-up and demand their just rewards.  We are seeing this unfolding now in many countries of the world, people are coming together to take back control and put such leaders in their proper place.

As people begin to take a stand, often they do it from the disadvantage of divisiveness, which is being promulgated and encouraged by the very people who have taken control. These same people encourage the brutality which has most often been hidden, by the promise of a better way, or the delusion of creating something much bigger and better that is in existence elsewhere. 

I do believe in the depth of my heart that we are about to learn, once again, the historic lesson of all previous generations.  That lesson suggests we, as humans, still have not learned that there is another way rather than need and greed to exist on this planet. 

Perhaps this time, we will learn that there is no savior, only people themselves, who with faith and belief in a higher power and respect for themselves and others, can change the world, into a more equitable place for all. 

It is only people collectively who can build a society where caring, sharing and compassion prevail, where true freedom and justice are the cornerstones of living and the appreciation of nature and its resources are the purview of everyone (and not the right of a few).

As I witness uprisings all over the world against hate, inequality, and divisiveness, I am once again reminded of the resilience of humankind and the wellspring of hope that maintains us beyond the pragmatism of realism. 

I am heartened as I read the words and see the actions of the youth, and the coming together of many of those with difference with a common aim. The growing recognition of a spirit that aspires us to continue, to seek, to search and to dream of a world where despair is unknown, where brutality is non-existent, and respect is shared by all. 

This morning I realize once again that it is the little things: the faded memories, the friendly reminders, or the simple tunes that bring forth the aspirations buried deeply within each of us.

Yet, we can never be anything other than who we are, no matter how vivid our imagination, for to be in tune with the soul is the first step to acceptance, to transcend to soul which is perfection – takes a lifetime to accomplish.  The journey to transcendence is but life, a life to be lived, experienced, and enjoyed – no matter the difficulties or dilemmas we experience.

Just “imagine” if all these people could appreciate the absurdity of their seriousness and realize how surreal that this journey of life really is.  Then, maybe laughter would return, and folly would once again be appreciated; for without fun and folly, life is but a meaningless journey to nowhere and not the ultimate place we all seek.

It is the time for reflection that allows the light to seep into the very dark caverns that we have built within our minds.  These glimmers of light that allow true perspectives to unfold that provide the direction of life’s true light. 

Opening to this light is one of life’s necessities if one is ever to experience true and meaningful comfort.  Why we must await the ultimate darkness of despair before we act is one of the fundamental mysteries of life.   

Our forebears dreamt us into this world of wonder, where for the first time in history we are able to capture a glimpse of this fascinating planet that we inhabit with its unique self-sustaining ecosystem.  Centuries ago, they dreamt us into an even greater wonder, that of the soul and its fathomless depths of spiritual wisdom. 

The world needs dreamers at this time, more than pragmatic dictatorial leaders, most of whom advocate their solution and history bears witness to others’ solutions that caused so much tragedy.

Real answers that provide solutions are in the hearts, souls, and dreams of people and can facilitate a world of care, compassion and sharing to counter those who dominate the world with their message of need and greed.  The reality is that without the freedom to dream and fulfill that dream – there is nothing at all.

Dreams like life itself are conceived in the silence of our soul; they grow in the quiet of the heart and are born in the whispers of the mind.  In this world of noise perhaps the whispers go unheard and the dreams stay hidden deep in the soul.  But whispers, if unheard, become more voluminous and like the wind and sea in a storm or a baby’s cry, they will be heard.  Freedom is the food of the soul, the heart of a dream and the very foundation of life itself. 

The whole world is reverberating now as the whispers grow, telling us it is time to awaken the dreams within – whatever they are – and to recreate the world before life and nature do it for us.  Never before have the whispers of life been so loud – yet those in power and control seem deaf to the noise. 

As history proves, the tiny dreams of the marginalized and the oppressed will eventually connect, and a bigger dream will appear.  Perhaps it won’t be too late to save human existence itself.

What seems to be constant in my life, and where I always arrive from the feelings of aloneness is this realization that life is about love, love is about life. “Power” is an anomaly that creates disorder and strife in what could be order and calm; I believe most people prefer the latter. 

Aloneness always reminds me to appreciate and learn to love more and control less.  It reinforces the belief within myself that love will create the greatest order that life can allow – it is love that will bring calm and peace to confusion and disorder – even that which I am experiencing myself.

Written by William (Bill) Pardy

September 1st, 2020

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  1. I am jacklin’s mum the baby in the pink dress I land that life is all about loving each other I have expireyan a lote in life age of 16/35 I love and miss my angle jacklin rest in peace ameen.william one like u god will countiu to bless u if we 100 people like u the world will great ❤❤❤❤❤

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