Gambian Women Farmers and Solar Irrigation

Gambian Women Farmers

(Picture-women farmers clearing brush)

One of the companies that I am advising in my current assignment in The Gambia is GAM-Solar Energy and Engineering Ltd. has just completed a large project creating 20 community gardens complete with Solar Powered Irrigation.  10 of these gardens have small processing facilities which eventually will be powered by solar energy as well.

The gardens without a developed community management regime and development plan are in and by themselves not fully complete.  We have developed a concept of community based management, production and marketing which includes a complete community process for all those involved.  This is the aspect where my community expertise will be fully put to use and hopefully ensure that these facilities are not only efficient but sustainable over the long term as well.

“How to make a garden grow in The Gambia – provide solar irrigation and add many women. One of the projects in which I am involved.”

From Gambia Women Farmers and Solar Irrigation. Posted by William Pardy on 8/17/2013 (36 items)

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