“…..in celebration of MaSireh’s life”

I wish to extend my sincere thanks on behalf of MaSireh’s family to all those who contributed to MaSireh’s journey and all those who sent kind and thoughtful words of support and compassion at her passing. They will be all sent to the family, so that they know that MaSireh had a lot of support in trying to acquire a life without suffering because of her heart disease.

The sadness is that this journey took a course no one expected. The Doctors worked tirelessly for 18 hours and as the surgeon said to me by phone, much more than 90% of these operations are a success (Tenwek has only 3% unsuccessful cardiac surgeries); “I don’t remember all of the 90% plus that were successful, but I remember every one of the others”.

Her family adored her and encouraged her and knew that this was the chance for which she had been waiting for over 5 years. They will be amazed at how far her name and her spirit have traveled and the impact of her short life on others.

This personal letter to me from Lisa, who work at the Tenwek (Christian) Hospital exemplifies this sentiment:


Grace and peace be with you.  Thank you so much for what you have done.  It’s in times like this that you know for certain that people are extremely good.  More than you can fathom.  Lamin stayed at our place last night. This morning Pete my husband took him to the mosque to pray. The imam and others were waiting to pray with him. Someone they don’t know but were standing with.

When I went to see MaSireh in the mortuary, three beautiful women dressed in hijab were washing her body to prepare her for burial. …someone they never knew but now love dearly. The hospital provided an ambulance though it’s against the hospital policy for the ambulance to carry bodies.  Our staff chaplain Rev Bill went to this Muslim funeral and other staff members.  I don’t think I’ve ever thanked God for creating the human race. Now I do. From what I have seen through this situation. God is indeed good and people are also good. I’ve seen Christians and Muslims work and mourn together in celebration of MaSireh life.

Thank you for bringing Lamin and MaSireh. I wish the circumstances were different.  We at Tenwek remain hopeful in our God and continue serving with compassion and kind hands joyfully.

Lisa Kuyaya
Visiting Staff Coordinator

While we can speculate what might have been, we know that she is in a better place and her presence will continue to be felt through all those whom she touched. She was so fortunate to find a new home among people who love and cherish her, even though they didn’t know her.

There is much to be done in this world as each of us in our own way, try and make the world a kinder, gentler place; especially for those who have so little. The family appreciates that MaSireh didn’t have to take this journey alone.

Written by Bill Pardy 

August 1st, 2016

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