More People and Faces of my time in Quebec

(Picture-with CT and GT Staff)

During my five years working in Quebec with the National Committee for the English Linguistic Minority of Quebec  it was good fortune to work with many people from the communities, towns and cities of that province as well as representatives of the Canadian Government.  This was a unique Federal and community partnership that comprised of the Community Table (CT) and  the Government Table (GT).

It intent was to develop the capacity of the English communities through a process of Community Economic Development.  Over the five years that I was involved there were many people who sat around each of these two tables and contributed their time, knowledge and wisdom.  I learnt from them all.
It was a significant time of learning and sharing for me and I will be forever grateful for their support, encouragement and care during that time.  It is always a humbling experience for me to work, as I have in so many places such gifted and dedicated people. 

These pictures are but a few of the many people that formed part of organization.  There are many more and in time I will post others.


“Here are some of the community and government representatives that formed our organization”

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