People and faces of my working visit to India

(Picture-a visit to a local village)

Meeting people and making new friends has been one the treasures of my work and my travels.  One such friend, Sam Chelladurai, whom I met at a conference in India, invited me to his home in Bangalore as a means to exchange experiences in community and development.  There I met his wife Lissy and his son Jude.  I spent  six very pleasant weeks as their guest.  

They were the ultimate hosts and arranged my travel and many visits to villages in the outlying areas where I had opportunity to share many wonderful experiences with local people  and organizations much engaged in community development and endeavouring to make life better for all; often under very arduous circumstances.    You will find two articles on this site that tell the story of this journey.

These are but a few pictures which will give you a glimpse of my many adventures while I was there.


“Pictures of my Indian Excursion”

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