People and Faces of Ukraine

(Picture-with my Perechyn CED Group)

It has been my good fortune to have spent four delightful years in Ukraine and travel back many times since returning to Canada.  You will find many articles within my website that will give you glimpses of life in Ukraine.

The people and the place is one of the most special places that I have lived.  The history of the land and the people is compelling and lengthy.  Their struggles are legend.  Their warmth and character is encompassing.  Their philosophy is simple but deep forged from the pain and struggles of centuries.  Their endurance is without end.

These are but a few of the people I met, who welcomed me and who cared for me during my time while in Ukraine.  My gratitude is without end for their sharing, caring and wisdom. 


“Just a few of the people who were my associates in my four years of work in Ukraine”

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