What a wonderful world

Years ago, people complained about barriers – to travel, communications (older people remember telegrams) and all kids of other constraints for visiting and communicating. They yearned to be able to understand other cultures, customs, and lifestyles.

We now live in a world where most constraints are non-existent. We can travel, communicate, and see how others live. But it appears what we cannot overcome is human resistance to difference – why cannot the be like us.

So instead of creating a world of wonder and appreciation – people complain, criticize, and despise – hatred in the world is rampant, rather than eliminated, in a world full of wonder.

I have been fortunate to be able to see, experience and appreciate much of the wonder that exists. More importantly, I have been able to experience the love that is everywhere, albeit, I have had my share of hate as well, as that is everywhere but the love far exceeds the other, if we only open our hearts, and feel. In fact, it overwhelms!

This Christmas I was able to experience Christmas in two countries at the same time – one, The Gambia an ocean away, and poor. The other Canada where in relative terms is wealthy as any in the world.

Last year, in Gambia I felt the love from those gathered at my little house, this year I experience the love via modern the communications that now exists in both places. On Christmas eve I was able to experience the joy of two of my children, Nyima and Ebrima as they explored their gifts, delivered by a friend, as Santa’s reindeers do not fly so well in the heat.

On Christmas day I was able to share Christmas morning with Nyima, because that was her wish, and was possible because Santa brought her a light for her phone which made it so. She was able to show me her other gifts from Santa and sing, dance for me, and just talk. Ebrima got an I pad so he can communicate with me as well. Even twenty years ago it would have been a dream, we had special time together and it was fun.

Gambia is 95% Muslim, but no one tells you not to do this, her grandparents, with whom she lives, were most appreciative of her happiness and felt the love as well. Why is it the world we have such segregation that everyone cannot share such experiences, because now most everything is possible.

Why cannot everyone experience the world of wonder, without impediments, why are we still fighting wars. Why do some feel better than others, or think their lifestyle is better and their religion is closer to some god or other.

For me, I just wanted to share with you my Christmas of wonder. I did celebrate Christmas here with my brother, his wife, sister, and her grand children – that was wonder as well.

Written by William (Bill) Pardy
December 27, 2022

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