When Results Are Not Enough

Results in an initiative, project or enterprise are imperative for many reasons.  They demonstrate progress, justify effort and funding, build confidence within and without and they build community acceptance and pride.  There are obviously many more and other reasons that results matter, but results are only one part of the equation.

In any initiative, project or enterprise there are many other components equally as important and necessary.  Results are only steps along the pathway to accomplishment.  Accomplishment is to the original vision, perhaps more important than even the steps along the way or the final result.  Most activities are based upon some vision, aim or desire.  How these eventually evolve will be predicated upon many variances, both, human and environmental and resources. Many are never perceived at the start.

There will be many steps along the way to achieving the vision, each requiring input and offering a result.  In successful ventures there will appear a growing and credible base of positive results providing meaningful stepping stones towards the original vision, they are real, tangible and of value.  They are most always measurable, visible and presentable.

There will also be many missteps on this pathway causing results that entailed set-backs, challenges and delays, oftentimes even a positive result not contemplated.

But, the missteps are also real, visible and measurable.

It is important to bear in mind the positive aspects of all results, even those considered small by some.  The personal growth and acquired learning amongst those involved are but examples.

Results are fundamental, they are necessary but they are not always positive.  That’s a reality, especially in the world of community and its development.  But what is even more imperative, relates back to our vision and the premise of a thriving community which includes the involvement and participation of its members.

We have to take great pride in the perseverance, stamina and industriousness of all those who contribute to a successful initiative.  These are results as well, not easily measured, but certainly evident, visible and substantial.  This type of commitment has to be recognized, valued and celebrated less it be forgotten.  One could argue that these are indeed, the most critical results that a community requires to be vibrant, prosperous and sustainable.

Prepared by Bill Pardy

November 6th, 2010

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