Who will shed a tear?

(Picture – Taken with little Nyima)

When   one considers the turmoil in the world, the wars taking place, the displaced families and the trauma they experience; it is the children who suffer the most.

When one witnesses the growing world of impoverishment and the stark results of people trying to escape to a better life, it is the children whose lives are destroyed or lost.

Who will shed a tear for these innocent children of war and poverty and the broken lives of their families?  Is it even possible to feel, much less appreciate, their feelings of despair, helplessness and hopelessness? 

Does anyone really expect that the dictatorial rulers, (such as Putin, Netanyahu, or Assad among others) and the myriad of terrorist leaders will even consider the plight of the children, much less weep,  as they destroy, plunder and murder to satisfy their own egos and attain more power?

Can we expect any of the leaders of the developed world, most surrounded by countless body guards and entourages to even catch a glimpse of starving or damaged children, unless it is for a photo-op?

Do most people in the prosperous countries give a thought to these children; much less shed a tear as they go about their busy daily lives with its many demands?

Jattu and her baby doing laundry
Jattu and her baby doing laundry

Do statistics (most of which  are    best guesses) on  poverty,  displacement and  child  mortality, all are in the  millions,  mean anything to  people who  read them or see  them in the  media?

Does anyone look at these  statistics and see the pain in the faces of children dying, the shrunken bodies of children suffering from malnutrition or the hurt in their parents eyes as they watch them suffer and die?

Who then will weep for the tragedy of children with broken bodies, tortured minds and wasted souls?

You don’t have to go to the developing world to finds such suffering, it can be found in every country developed or undeveloped and has led to the turmoil being experienced throughout the world.

It appears that all governments, large institutions and NGOs have bigger issues that take their time and energy.  Child mortality and suffering makes for good discussion and receive good press at international forums and conferences, but achieve very little traction with real action.

There are many other issues, economic concerns, terrorist threats and conflicts that take precedent and political rivals that require attention, for elected leaders to get real about the starving and mutilated babies and children of the world.

Will it take a greater depression or another great war, which will most likely destroy most of humanity, for people to care and to weep for the poor and suffering children?

For millions of babies, this tragedy is unfolding in many places of the world now and it needs attention.

Each time there is a catastrophe, a war or a famine there is always much hype about the need for money.  This is usually followed by endless commitments of funds by all and sundry governments and organizations to alleviate the suffering and loss.  These funds usually arrive too late, are committed to the wrong priority needs or are squandered.

It is not money that will solve the problem.

It is genuine care and compassion that will most help and the tears of the many to bring recognition and sanity back to a world lost in its own insularity of “I am okay”.

The many will have to remind their governments that babies and children are important to the future well being of every country in the world.  They are a much more valuable commodity than oil and gas, minerals, manufactured products or any of the other things considered important to an economy.   A genuine productive economy demands capable, healthy and educated young people.

If humanity is to survive and economies are to flourish it will require all the talents and skills of those children whose lives will be wasted.  In order for their talents and skills to emerge and be developed, children need to be fed, educated and provided opportunity.

This very simple truth appears lost in our world of complexity and denial.

Written by Bill Pardy

September 8th, 2014

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